TechProgenix Privacy Policy


TechProgenix is always attempting to ensure accuracy and is committed to the security and management of students' data. Every single communication contained on this website is intended for information only. In this digital era, people’s privacy must be protected through lawful and appropriate means so that none of the data is misplaced. Hence, we have implemented this privacy policy


This policy aims to protect students' data from being misused by storing the same on its server. We focus on the fundamental principles by which the company uses the personal data of any individuals who visit, use, and deal with the website. Moreover, we won't give or share any of your data with other parties.

Purpose and Scope

The main motive of this privacy policy is to describe How TechProgenix collects student details and uses the information to contact them. It is also created to provide information on how TechProgenix collects, uses, stores, processes, and shares information about the data subject.

Types of Personal Data collected By Us

The personal data that we collect from students only depends upon the context of your interconnection with us, the products, services, and features that you use, your location, and the applicable laws. There are the types of Personal Data that may be held by the Company, as appropriate, on relevant individuals:

  • Personal Identification Data
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Contact Details
  • Education and Recruitment Data
  • User Enquiries