App Store Optimization Services in India

Do you know Millions of Apps get listed in the app store each year? Do you want your App to shine out among others? We can help you to increase the app conversion rates so that you can get more downloads. The proper optimization will provide the magical push to your App. We are an App Store Optimization Company that has developed expertise by working on Apps of different categories.


Services We Provide As an App Store Optimization Company


App Store Keyword Research & Targeting

Optimize the app visibility and downloads by strategizing keyword research, analyzing competitors, and optimizing the App. Focus on rich titles, compelling descriptions, eye-catching icons, and engaging visuals is provided. Changes in the App are done according to the algorithm updates of the store.


App Store Reputation and Rating Management

Management of the comments on the App and quick response is provided. We Analyze the sentiments and use team collaboration to improve the ratings of the App. Tactically bad reviews are handled by the team. Target the rating of the App and improve it or manage it in case of fluctuations.


Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring the comments and analyzing them properly if any issue of bug or crash is reported. Metrics such as rankings, App store Optimization Score, ratings, reviews, impressions, conversions, etc are analyzed for better future strategy.

Why Choose Techprogenix as Your App Optimization Agency?


We are an experienced company that has worked on different types of Apps from games, lifestyle, food, finance, and productivity, to business apps. We follow a proper strategy so that the App gets the Visibility and exposure it deserves. We can give you multiple reasons to hire us:

  • We design the strategies according to the business. Our customized optimization techniques will help users to find your app easily on the store.
  • We provide optimization of APP for Google Play, Apple App Store, and WEB App which is a wide range that our team can handle easily.
  • We will make sure that your app will reach the right Users according to the relevant Keywords as we keep checking the metrics.
  • We aim to provide maximum Downloads organically.
  • We provide App localization i.e. making it available for the global audience in different languages.
  • We share the reports with the clients and do a monthly meeting to make sure that we are on the same page.

Client Testimonial

I am a passionate app developer. I decided to make the app for myself. After all the hard work I launched my app on Google Play. Sadly for 2 months, I could not see any downloads. I tried many things but didn’t work. I decided to hire an agency but was reluctant. Luckily the team of technogenix provided me with the best services. They optimized the app properly and I could see the change in several downloads.
Anna Danish - Denmark

For a short time, we had a bug in our App. We could not figure it out and the comments about the bug kept on increasing on the App Store. For this reason, the ranking of the APP went down. We could figure out the bug after some months but the damage was already done. I hired TechProgenuinix and they helped me to gain the reputation we had. I am completely satisfied with their service.
Jose Becerra - Mexico

I am a teacher of mathematics. One day I decided to provide coaching to students online. I approached a developer and the App came out fine. However, the growth I was looking for was not achieved. I was confused and one of my colleagues suggested that I should run ads To increase the downloads. Before trying out I decided to go for the Organic approach first. The team of Techprogenix found a lot of missing keywords.
Julie Dutt- Riyadh

Case Study Of Our App Store Optimization Services

Increased the number of downloads on the App Store by


Improved the ranking by making the stop-in

Top 10

Launched the fresh App successfully in more than

15 Categories

Our App Store Optimization Packages, Plans & Pricing


2 Month

Detailed App Analysis Competitor Analysis Keyword Research & Analysis

App Description, icon Screenshot optimization

Link Building Blog, Article submission

Monthly Report


4 Month

Detailed App Analysis Competitor Analysis Keyword Research & Analysis

App Description, icon Screenshot Video Optimization

Link Building Blog, Article submission Press release

Monthly Report


6 Month

Detailed App Analysis Competitor Analysis Keyword Research & Analysis

App Description,icon Screenshot Video Optimization Google+ Plugin Verification

Link Building Blog, Article submission Press release

Monthly Report with Discussion

Detailed App Store Optimization Process

Let’s Talk

Do you have doubts and questions about how we work? Whether you want to talk things through or seek clarification, give us a call. We look forward to connecting with you and addressing any queries you may have.


App Store Optimization Faqs

ASO is for the Apps while SEO is for websites. Yes, They both have some common activities that can create confusion like keyword Optimization, backlinking, and conversion strategies. However, the ranking factors are not the same. Some key differences are:

  • The usage and quality metrics are important for the Apos while on the other hand Page speed is important for website SEO
  • Ratings and reviews are important for the performance of the App while this is not the case in SEO, Website traffic plays an important role.

Yes, App Store Optimization (ASO) can make a significant difference in the visibility and success of a mobile application. ASO involves optimizing various elements of an app's listing on app stores, such as the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android, to improve its discoverability and download rates.

Simple steps are given below:

  • DO keyword research and check your competitors.
  • Choose a unique, easy-to-remember name, and add an understandable description. Make sure to place keywords in the description.
  • Test with one or two versions.
  • Prepare screenshots and videos.
  • Remove biased comments and reply to the comments on the App store.

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